The Little Things

That Keep Us In Love deeper Every Day


Four Years

It's four your resistances to the alarm every morning.
It's four every breakfast I get to make you. 
It's four your head on my shoulder each morning as you wake.
It's four the way we hold hands, and still feel like kids when we do.
It's four all the inside jokes we share, that make you roll your eyes and me giggle.
It's four your smile whenever I enter the room.
It's four the all the ways we have met over the years.
It's four you teasing me because I can't wink with my right eye.
It's four our way of saying I love you with just a touch.
It's four snuggles on the couch as we watch scary movies.
It's four the way you sing quietly in the car like I can't hear you.
It's four knowing when you come home I'll be waiting by the door for you.
It's four our desire to grow, to be better people and a better couple.
It's four the way you soften my rough edges. 
It's four you feeling sadness for my past.
It's four the fun love songs that you sing like you're a little girl that I find Crazy Beautiful.
It's four pizza, live theater, concerts, comedy shows, hotels, and road trips.
It's four the unconditional belief we have in each other. 
It's four every hug in troubled times that gives us comfort and makes us new.
It's four the way we say I love you just a little to much.
It's four always looking for new ways to express our love to each other.
It's four all the times you listen to me ramble on.
It's four the times we fight and both submit at the same time.
It's four your eyes when you look at me.
It's Four the way we still can't keep our hands off each other.
It's four knowing you'll buy the the store out of something new I like. 
It's four the foot rubs, shoulder rubs, and body massages.
It's four your sassy attitude when you don't get your way.
It's four taking time every night to just sit and be together.
It's four knowing that we will always have each others back.
It's four enjoying life together at every turn. 
It's four the friends in our lives that have walked in life with us.
It's four the family in our lives that have shown us what love looks like.
It's four our first four years of marriage.


Take My Hand

Kathleen, meeting you was the ending of our first begin. We soon learned the last chapter was getting us ready for the rest of our story. When we met I had my ways both pride and shame. You waited patiently. Now this is our happily ever after.

Today we stand here both in love and full of excitement for the future. The mirror may say we're older, our hair may gray, but my love for you will never change.

Kathleen, I love you.
I vow to play with you in the Sun and protect you in the storm. No matter what life sends our way. Good or bad. I will stand beside you, your proud husband.

Take my hand and lets love forever and always.


Good Morning

Looking at you sleep this morning was breath for me.when I look at you I see so much beauty and so much love. I see the past and the future. Our life together has filled me with great feeling of gratitude and joy. Your love of me gives me great strength. I can't wait till your my wife.  Have a good day and I will be waiting for you when you return.

I Love You

Her happiness is like a double rainbow, rain on a waterfall, a sunset over the ocean. Her happiness is like a unicorn, the moon on a dark night with the stars by it side, a river through a canyon. Her happiness is like a breeze in the shade, the warmth of a fire, the whisper from an angel. How I ask you could I not do every thing possible to try to achieve that? How could I not dedicate my life to the quest of it? How could I not spend every breath in its pursuit? There is no lengths I would not go through for her smile, her laugh, that look she gets in her eye when she looks at me.

f1_LI (3).jpg

The Most Amazing Wife

The most amazing best friend. The most amazing life partner. You are (more) amazing with every breath you take. I truly love you with every breath I take.  MG