Welcome to our story. Here is where I tell the story (stories) of how I met my wife.

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Looking For love, Finding A Love Story.

Looking For love, Finding A Love Story.

How I Met My Wife At The Library.

How I met the love of my life, Kathleen. Although it may be history it's the greatest love story of my life. It was many years ago, just an ordinary trip to the library. This is the story of how Frankenstein met Juliet

I walked in and was greeted by the librarian's assistant. I thought it must be fiction  to have such a Beauty who was choosing to spend her time here in the library. I must have stared a little to long, because she asked if there was anything she could do for me. I told her I was here looking for a classic. A classic unlike anything I've read before. Which admittedly sounds a little silly , this girl had my binding just a little to tight.

She asked me if I came to the library often? I told her that I come here periodically. She asked me if I had a favorite genre. I told her that Poe me has been Thoreau the whole catalog and Emerson myself in everything. She said Twain the two of us we could find a great story.


We started in science books. First astrology. I couldn't focus this girl was out of this world. I knew at this moment I had to make her the star of My Life. It did seem though we're in different galaxies.

Then we went to science fiction. She had my temperature in Fahrenheit 451. I knew I would need a Time Machine to go back and impress this girl. I felt like Frankenstein. I just hope that I can figure out The Hitchhiker's Guide to this girl's heart.

Then we went to history. She showed me biographies for all the presidents. I was hoping she'd Grant me an opportunity to get to know her better. I thought I might make a move but I decided to Nix On that plan. Although she did seem Taylor made for me. So I couldn't a Ford to mess this up.

Off to mythology. By Zeus's beard I hope I could stretch this day. It was getting warm in Eros. She showed me a book about Greek gods. I did not think Athena of it. I knew this girl was my Aphrodite.

I knew she thought I was making Much Ado About Nothing. I admit I was stretching this Midsummer Night's Dream. I wasn't trying to Hamlet it up. But when she took me to Shakespeare I told her she took my Mac breath away. She rolled her eyes a little but I think she like that joke.

She told me to Cummings this way and she would show me some poetry. So I followed her Plath. It was a Hughes section. I told her this stuff is to deep for me and would Keats me up at night.

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She looked at me slightly saddened. She disclaimed we'd been all over the library and not found the book yet. I told her not to worry this was not the endnotes for us. There was another interest in my catalog. I can tell by the way she crossed reference me she was curious what I was up to.

I told her I was looking for an anthology of love stories starring my Juliet. She seems confused. I told her I'd like to start creating our collection of stories. One for every day of our love. I explained that ISBN fantastic spending the day with her. I'm ISSN going to let her get away from me.

Our love may be making history. Our Tales are never over. We are bound to the page of life where our love story unfolds. I will spend everyday looking at her like she's Aphrodite. Dating her like she is Juliet. Worshiping her if she is Cleopatra. Protecting her like she is Josephine. She is my Iris.

Finding Love In The Choir

Finding Love In The Choir

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