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Finding Love In The Choir

Finding Love In The Choir


I remember it like it was only 7 years ago. There I was at church for Sunday night choir practice. That's when she walked in. The choir master told us she was new and would be singing with us. She took my breath away as she came and stood in the open spot besides me. ( It was the only spot left. Big choir.)


I was ready for my Doe Rae Mee Me Mee Me's. Wishing I had on a clean shirt and probably should have combed my hair. The choir started singing "This little light of mine". Her light was bigger and brighter than anyone else in the room. I was just happy to be in its glow.

So after practice I summoned up the courage to talk to her. I stumbled and stammered, I fumbled and wobbled. I some how managed to get her to smile. She asked me my name and after careful thought I finally remembered. She said that if I put on a clean shirt and comb my hair she would like to have dinner with me.

What a night...I spilled the soup.

To much pepper on the salad causing a sneezing fit.

I tipped the waiter.

Offended the table next to us with my poor table manners.

I was off to a rough start.

Now here are we seven years later. She picks out my shirts. Now she combs my hair. She taught me some table etiquette. Sometimes she doesn't mind being seen in public with me.

What a great time we had these seven years. Me and my bumbling, her with her grace. I think we make a great team. I love her and her I.

I don't sing in choir anymore, but that's for the best. I will never stop singing the words I love you to Kathleen.

Cooking Class / Cake for Two

Cooking Class / Cake for Two

Looking For love, Finding A Love Story.

Looking For love, Finding A Love Story.