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The Side Of A Side Road That Mattered

The Side Of A Side Road That Mattered

The story of how Kathleen and I met.

 I thought it was time tell all my friends on how me and the girl met. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day.  I don't remember the date and that doesn't really matter. I decided to go out for a drive in my old Jeep. The sun was bright the music was energetic  I don't remember the songs, that doesn't really matter. I drove and turned and drove and turned. I don't remember where I was heading, to be honest that doesn't really matter. Then I realized at some point I did not know where I was. I'm not saying I was lost…  Just I didn't know where I was going or how to get there. I realized that it's been some time since I seen some Society,  You guys know how I hate them cornrows.  I'm just saying creepy. Everything was fine because the sun was bright and the music was nice. Except for the fact I was almost out of gas and it just didn't seem like there was a gas station in sight. Not to mention I started to hear a thumping noise. I'm no detective but I was pretty sure I had a flat tire. I considered driving for a while but I knew that would be a bad choice on a flat tire and almost out of gas. So I pulled over to the side of a side road and contemplated my options. I'm not sure what road I was on to be honest that doesn't really matter.



 Getting out of the Jeep,  I checked the spare tire wouldn't you know it was flat I guess I should have checked it a while ago. So there I am sitting on the side of the road with my flat tire next to my flat tire. Good grief. Out of frustration I kicked my flat spare tire which must have had more resistance than I thought because I stumbled backwards into the road. Just at that moment another Jeep came screeching to a halt. A Blue version to my brown Jeep just barely missed hitting me when I fell into the road. I didn't know it then but that flat spare tire that tried to claim my life actually saved it.


 Embarrassed and relieved I got up from the road and dusted myself off. The driver of the car got out equally as relieved. She asked me if I knew what in the blue heck  I was doing sleeping in the road. I tried to explain about my flat tire and my flat tire, I was getting kind of flustered telling the story. She just smiled and I instantly knew that she was just teasing me. Luckily driving the same style Jeep she had a spare that I could use. Well that was fantastic news.  Pulling out her spare I realized apparently these Jeep spares don't hold air. Now here I am with a flat tire with a flat tire and now a new flat tire.  Good grief.


 I explained the situation to her, and she just laughed. All of a sudden all my frustrations melted away. How could anybody be upset or stressed with a giggle that lovely. I'm still thankful today whenever I get to hear that giggle. As we both stood there at the side of the road laughing like fools at the predicament I was in, I realized that she was in no hurry to leave me. I was hoping she would stay with me till the end.  She offered to take me wherever I would like to go. I said anywhere you're going. Which I realize is a Cheesy line but what do you want from me. She rolled her eyes at me. I asked her if she could take me to town so I can get my tire repaired.

She of course said yes.


 I then began the tire cleanup game on the side of the road. She watched me and made small talk as I fumbled with all the tires. It started to rain a little and the sky grew dark. Neither one of us seem to mind. We just stood there staring at each other clearly the Sparks were not lightning. I'm not sure who knew it first. Out of the blue it happened suddenly she fell in love with me. I have never stopped falling in love with her. You could feel the electricity in the air. Okay some of that was lightning. It was time to get out of there. Throwing one of the tires in the back of her Jeep. We took off towards town.  


 I don't remember the name of the shop we got the tire repaired. To be honest that doesn't matter. I don't remember the name of the pizza place that we had lunch waiting for the tire. To be honest that doesn't matter either. I don't remember when the rain ceased and the sun came back out, but that doesn't matter. I do remember playing by the water fountain in town. I don't remember what town it was, that doesn't matter either. The only things I really remember deep in my soul about that day is the look in her eyes when she looked at me. The feeling in my soul when I saw that look. Reaching down deep to do anything I could to impress her or to make her giggle. To be honest I still do that today. We spent that whole afternoon eating pizza, playing in a water fountain, enjoying Dairy Queen, and talking about everything. I don't even think we remembered the tire until the tire shop called us to tell us it was closing.


 Now here we were at sunset putting the tire back on my Jeep. Both of us having that feeling that we were ending a Summer Romance. I asked her where she lived, and she asked where I lived. Neither one of us wanting to tell the other because we were willing to go to them. We smiled and we hugged. We laughed and we kissed. I knew at that moment. I would go anywhere she was.  After some flirting, joking and kissing we finally confessed to each other where we lived. Can you believe it, it was just blocks away from each other in our hometowns. Fate just brought us to that side of that Side Road with all those flat tires so we could meet. I followed her back to town my brown Jeep chasing her blue.


 We no longer have those Jeeps. We're not even sure really where we were that day. To be honest that doesn't matter.  We celebrate where we met every time we drive down the side of a side road. No one has ever been so thankful to be out of gas on the side of a side road with two flat tires and almost getting ran over by the love of his life. I might not have gotten hit that day but I certainly got struck by Cupid's arrow.


I remember exactly how I felt that afternoon falling in love with Kathleen and she still loves me. That's all that matters.


Sweetest day. What better day to fall in Love

Sweetest day. What better day to fall in Love